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Modernize your Inspections and Surveys with UAV Technology


Remove human risk factors entirely by sending our drones into dangerous, difficult to reach areas.


Reduce the duration of a shutdown by replacing the previously established methods that required scaffolding and rope access with our drones that are able to collect the necessary data in a matter of minutes.

Cost Effective

Save money by reducing potential downtime, liabilities, and avoiding equipment expenses.

SmartDrones is experienced in filming vast stretches of pipeline ROWs throughout their various stages of development.  Whether it is for planning, inspections, or litigation, SmartDrones can perform wide-scale pipeline ROW filming as a cost-effective alternative to the traditional means via a helicopter inspection.

Pipeline ROW'S

Long Range Flights 

> Significantly Faster Than Ground Inspections

More Cost Effective than Traditional Aircraft

> Ability to Zoom on Particular Features in                          Post-Production 


SmartDrones provides various state-of-the-art drone services to oil and gas companies that are interested in obtaining precise data and measurements, as well as cost effective inspections.  Our drone services have been utilized by numerous oil and gas firms looking for a safer and more efficient method of acquiring data at an exceptional value.

Significantly Reduced Human Risk 

> More Cost Effect Than Traditional Methods

Reduces Shutdown Times with Efficient Data Collection

> Perfect for Well Sites, Refineries, Transmission Lines,            Pipelines, Ect

Avoid the risks involved with traditional methods of inspection by replacing the human risk factor with SmartDrones’ aerial inspection service.  Our drones are capable of inspecting dangerous or hard to reach areas much safer and more efficiently than the previous procedures.

Aerial Inspections

100 km+

of ROW Flown



Total Incidents in our operational history

Site Photos & Videos 

> Stills up to 35.4 Megapixels

> Variety of Lens Options for Different Perspectives

High Resolution Footage

Multiple Camera and Drone Options Available to fit      a Variety of Budgets.

Our cameras are state-of-the-art; whether you are looking for quality stills or HD video, SmartDrones can provide industry leading resolution and quality with our 6K capable Zenmuse X7 or our 8K camera, the RED EPIC-W.  With this cutting edge camera technology, absolutely no detail will be lost in the footage and in addition, can also be zoomed in to great extents without losing resolution.

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