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New X-Men Movie Features Drone Footage From St. Albert Start-Up

"Breathtaking drone footage of snow-capped mountains is getting an Edmonton-area company blockbuster exposure alongside some powerful mutants in X-Men Apocalypse.


Footage created by Smart Drones is featured in the ninth installment in the Marvel Comics X-Men film series, which stars Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender.


"In the movie, there is scene where there is a helicopter going to a secret facility, flying into a dam, and we're the ones who actually shot all the aerial footage for that," said Eric Wilson, chief pilot with Smart Drones of St. Albert.


"They were trying to capture a remote, winter, desolate climate and the Canadian landscape happened to work perfect for that."

By Wallis Snowdon, CBC News

SmartDrones featured on CTV Primetime

Our chief pilot was featured on CTV Primetime's segment, Who Does That Job?

Watch the video to learn more about how SmartDrones was formed and to take a small look behind the scenes on how we do our job.

Drones Capture Serenity of the Canadian Rocky Mountains

It can be easy to take the beauty and attraction of your local area for granted. SmartDrones, a Canadian startup, doesn’t want to fall into this trap. Crossing the Canadian Rocky Mountains, their drones reveal a refreshing new perspective on the landscape. Drones can receive mixed reactions amongst the public, however the peace and serenity conveyed through this stunning recording is hard not to like! Credit: YouTube/Smart Drones

Edmonton Drone Operators See Business Soaring

Beyond legal work, the company filmed footage of the Rockies last year that ended up in the film X-Men Apocalypse and he said they have since worked on two more films.

St. Albert Start-Up Contributes Footage to New X-Men Movie

A couple of St. Albert mavericks hit the jackpot. With virtually no movie making experience, they were hired to shoot footage for X-Men Apocalypse.

Brothers Eric and Hayden Wilson, co-owners of SmartDrones, normally provide drone aerial photography to law firms, land developers and engineering firms.

In a modern version of the often-repeated story of a star’s discovery at a soda shop, Academy Award-winning visual effects designer John Dykstra hired the Wilson brothers to shoot stunning Rocky Mountain scenes for X-Men Apocalypse.

SmartDrones Segment on Dinnertime Television

SmartDrones was featured on a Dinnertime Television segment for City TV.

Watch the interview to hear the story of how SmartDrones was hired to film aerial footage for the feature film X-Men Apocalypse.

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