Display your property or development

with cutting-edge aerial photos & video



SmartDrones offers a variety of marketing solutions.  Whether you are looking for high-quality aerial photos, a produced drone marketing video, or 360 photos we can create professional quality content.





360°/ VR



Invigorate your marketing and distinguish your brand with professional aerial photography & cinematic drone video of your properties.


All of our aerial footage is captured with the latest high-end camera technology. With our state-of-the-art drones and cameras, SmartDrones provides aerial footage and photos to our clients looking to promote their property at an unparalleled quality.

Drone technology allows us to capture imagery at more affordable rates than traditional aircraft    Discounts are offered on requests that require multiple locations to be flown.

All SmartDrones flight platforms are equipped with 4K-8K camera systems. Our flight platforms are approved for operations over people by Transport Canada allowing us to fly above properties in built-up areas. 

Once the aerial footage and photos have been obtained and processed, we deliver it to you in a Google Drive or Dropbox link that allows you to view the footage on any device and download locally.

All SmartDrones pilots are fully trained, experienced, and have pilot certificates for advanced operations from Transport Canada.  Additionally, SmartDrones carries $3 million in liability insurance.

Our pilots have many years of experience flying drones safely and have been honing their cinematic drone techniques while providing our services over the years for Hollywood films, commercial real estate firms, and the Alberta film industry amongst many others.  All SmartDrones aerial footage is captured using the latest drone systems and cinema grade cameras.  

Animated motion graphic can be used to highlight  property boundaries, road ways, and other vital information you need featured in your video.


Our pre-build visualizations can be produced using simple 3D shapes or photo realistic 3D renders provided by the building’s architects,

All of our animated maps are produced with a crisp aesthetic to provide regional context of your property’s location and nearby amenities. 


Showcase the environment around your property and simulate panoramic views from various heights using Aerial 360°/VR content.

We are able to gather dozens of photographs and stitch them together to create 360 degree panoramic photos and visualize views on high-rise buildings prior to construction.

Our 360 imagery can be uploaded into a digital format that is can is easy to view on all devices. It can be imbed as a link and into PDF documents such as brochures.  As seen in the sample photo on the right, we can insert interactive content within our 360° images to provide the viewer with a more immersive experience.

SmartDrones has the ability to attach 360 cameras to our drones and capture and produce Aerial VR Video.


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