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At SmartDrones, we provide professional aerial footage for live outdoor events such as national holidays, sporting events, musical performances, car shows, and so much more.

Our post-production and colour correction knowledge combined with the dynamic motion of our drones creates scenes that feature the scale and vibrancy of our clients' events; assuring our clients' see new attendees as well as bringing them back next year.

Our Drones are capable of live-feed display, allowing us to show aerial footage of your event live.


All of our drones are equipped with HD Video Downlink, allowing us to broadcast the footage captured by the drone live and in high definition.  With our SDI outputs, we can display broadcast standard video outputs of 720p at 59.94 FPS and 1080i at 50 FPS.  Additionally, we have the capability of displaying the live HD drone footage on our on-site HD displays in 1080p at 60 FPS.

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