SmartDrones provides a variety of aerial video and photography services for construction companies including ultra HD aerial inspections, drone progress monitoring, and 3D modelling via drone photogrammetry and Pix4D.  We are fully insured—carrying over $3 Million in liability insurance—as well as being SFOC certified by Transport Canada, allowing us to capture industry leading aerial footage legally and safely for our clients.



Get an elevated perspective on your construction site with our drone progress monitoring services.  Whether you are looking to quantify and validate work completed on a construction site you are managing or receive insight into the progress of your capital project, our photos taken on a 24 Megapixel Super 35 Sensor and 4K orbits will provide you with all of the detail you need.  Additionally we can provide Engineers with high-precision 3D models of your construction sites with real-world volumetric data by using photogrammetry techniques with our drone and assembling the data within specialized software.


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SmartDrones carries $3 million in liability insurance, which is 30 times the minimum amount previously required by Transport Canada.  

The regulations for commercial drone use are rapidly evolving.  One of the additional unique services that is included in our pricing is ensuring regulatory compliance.  We are the only drone cinematography company in Canada that has an experienced regulatory lawyer on staff that looks after obtaining the required permits from Transport Canada and Nav Canada.

All of our pilots are fully trained, certified, and experienced in providing our inspection and progress monitoring services to numerous construction companies while maintaining our zero incident track-record.

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