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Display your Property or Development

Properly with Cutting-Edge Aerial Videos 

SmartDrones provides a variety of services for commercial real estate firms and land developers to produce stunning promotional materials to market their properties.  We are fully insured—carrying over $5 Million in liability insurance—as well as being SFOC certified by Transport Canada, allowing us to capture industry leading aerial footage legally and safely for our clients.



Aerial Footage/Photos


4K-6K Drone Cinema Grade Footage

24 Megapixel Photos

No Post-Production

Delivery Via Google Drive/Dropbox

Drone Marketing Video with Advanced Motion Graphics & 3D Visualization


4K-6K Cinema Grade Drone Footage

Post-Production Included

Animated Map

Advanced Motion Graphics

Color Corrected Footage

3D Visualization

Drone Marketing Video with Basic Graphics


4K-6K Cinema Grade Drone Footage

Post-Production Included

Animated Map

 Basic Graphics

Color Corrected Footage

24 Megapixel Photos

Ultra High Definition



All of our aerial footage is captured with the latest high-end camera technology.  Whether you need photos of your property or quality HD footage, SmartDrones can deliver with our Zenmuse X7, capable of filming up to 6K resolution, and our RED EPIC-W, capable of filming up to 8K resolution.  With our state-of-the-art drones and cameras, SmartDrones provides aerial footage and photos to our clients looking to promote their land at an unparalleled quality.

By using render files from the architects of a building and our experience in post-production, Smartdrones has the ability to create hyper-realistic 3D models of a building and implement them into our HD aerial footage to create a powerful marketing tool for a development prior to its construction.  These Pre-Build Visualizations can be combined motion tracking animations to clearly define nearby roads, property boundaries, and other key information to add a level clarity and polish to your advertisement.

PRE-BUILD Visualization

Impress Investors with a Realistic Demonstration of      your Completed Project Prior to its Construction.

> A Vastly Superior Alternative to Fully Rendered CG      Environments at a Fraction of the Cost.

Produced by Professional Animators Experienced        with Advanced Motion Graphics and Tracking               Animations.

3 cups


3 cups


1 cup


2 tbsp.


1½ cups



If you are looking for a complete project rather than just aerial footage, SmartDrones also provides full in-house post-production.  We have the capability to edit with 4K & 8K workflows, add voice over with a professional voice actor, implement 3D renders and sophisticated motion graphics into the footage, and have the footage professionally colour graded thanks to our advanced computer systems. 

Full In-House Post-Production

> Professional Colour Grading

> Music Composition and Professional Voice Acting

> Sophisticated Motion Graphics and Animations

> Animated Motion Maps for Regional Context

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