Display your Property or Development

Properly with Cutting-Edge Aerial Videos 

SmartDrones provides a variety of services for commercial real estate firms and land developers to produce stunning promotional materials to market their properties.  We are fully insured—carrying over $5 Million in liability insurance—as well as being SFOC certified by Transport Canada, allowing us to capture industry leading aerial footage legally and safely for our clients.


Aerial Footage/Photos


4K-6K Drone Cinema Grade Footage

24 Megapixel Photos

No Post-Production

Delivery Via Google Drive/Dropbox

Drone Marketing Video with Advanced Motion Graphics & 3D Visualization


4K-6K Cinema Grade Drone Footage

Post-Production Included

Animated Map

Advanced Motion Graphics

Color Corrected Footage

3D Visualization

Drone Marketing Video with Basic Graphics


4K-6K Cinema Grade Drone Footage

Post-Production Included

Animated Map

 Basic Graphics

Color Corrected Footage

24 Megapixel Photos

By using render files from the architects of a building and our experience in post-production, Smartdrones has the ability to create hyper-realistic 3D models of a building and implement them into our HD aerial footage to create a powerful marketing tool for a development prior to its construction.  These Pre-Build Visualizations can be combined motion tracking animations to clearly define nearby roads, property boundaries, and other key information to add a level clarity and polish to your advertisement.

PRE-BUILD Visualization

Impress Investors with a Realistic Demonstration of      your Completed Project Prior to its Construction.

> A Vastly Superior Alternative to Fully Rendered CG      Environments at a Fraction of the Cost.

Produced by Professional Animators Experienced        with Advanced Motion Graphics and Tracking               Animations.


If you are looking for a complete project rather than just aerial footage, SmartDrones also provides full in-house post-production.  We have the capability to edit with 4K & 8K workflows, add voice over with a professional voice actor, implement 3D renders and sophisticated motion graphics into the footage, and have the footage professionally colour graded thanks to our advanced computer systems. 

Full In-House Post-Production

> Professional Colour Grading

> Music Composition and Professional Voice Acting

> Sophisticated Motion Graphics and Animations

> Animated Motion Maps for Regional Context

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