SmartDrones takes aerial drone cinematography to it's highest potential. We have adopted new techniques and technology designed to achieve the shots that were previously impossible. We fly farther, faster, and closer to get the shots you need while maintaining regulatory compliance, ensuring the filming is safe, legal, and most importantly, high quality.

We specialize in aerial cinematography with an emphasis both on capturing aesthetically pleasing frames and utilizing our drones to create dynamic motion in our footage. Our chief pilot's deep cinematography knowledge is complimented by an unprecedented expertise in remote control flight. It is the combination of our knowledge of drone and camera technology and our pilot's keen ability to maneuver our drones that allows a true finesse in producing stunning images that our clients are looking for.

Our aerial drones and camera equipment surpass the limitations of real helicopters, booms, cranes, jibs, zip lines and dollies. We have live HD video display, long distance remote communications, follow focus capabilities, and vector scope monitoring equipment that allow the director, pilot, and the DOP to frame and execute the perfect shot.

A paradine shift in film